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A radioactive imagination

Set against a backdrop of the current Lynas controversy, this film — which is directed by imaginative Liew Seng Tat — explores grim (and at times, comical) scenarios of a post-apocalyptic Malaysian kampung. An enjoyable and educational flick.

Catch these movies in Penang this weekend

The movies, with a strong emphasis on human rights, will be shown at the Caring Society Complex, Jalan Utama in George Town in Penang this weekend.

Freedom Film Fest 2009

Try to catch these interesting and thought-provoking movies at the Freedom Film Fest 2009.

FFF Screenings Schedule

Presenting 23 heart-moving, eye-opening, award-winning human rights documentaries from Malaysia and around the world, over 3 days in 4 states. Each screening will be followed with a discussion session with filmmakers & resource persons.




2 OCT (KL)
30 OCT (JB)

3 OCT (KL)
31 OCT (JB)

4 OCT (KL)
1 NOV (JB)

Kongsi Dalam Gelap
Hide and Seek
Half Individual, Half Social
8760 Jam Pasca 8 Mac
Freedom Of Information
Di Bawah Langit
Why Democracy is Better?
I Am Muslim Too
Delaying Justice
Orang Asli Youth in The Moment
Carbon Connection
Peace Cyanide Hill
Burma VJ
All that You Can’t Leave Behind
Prisoners of a White God
FFF Launch
At Stake
8pm* Penang, JB, Kuching
No Silver Lining: The Perak Crisis
Al-Fatehah Memali
In Conversation With Suzy
Jihad For Love

The first cut of 15Malaysia

This film, called ‘Potong Saga’, is the first of the 15 short films released for public viewing. Check this out.

Al-Fatihah: Yasmin passed away

Today is a sad day especially for Malaysian movie goers who celebrate human and cultural diversity that is manifested in the movies made by internationally acclaimed film director Yasmin Ahmad. She passed away last night.

Yasmin’s films are politically and intellectually significant particularly in a society where ethnic and religious differences are often capitalised by certain quarters for short-term political gains to the detriment of social harmony.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to her husband and family.


‘Running’ in Penang

Come for the screening of ‘Running’, a documentary on the plight of refugees in Malaysia!


Date: 18 April 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 8.00pm

Venue: The Actors’ Studio, Green Hall, Penang

Admission is FREE!

DVD copies of the documentary will also be sold at the event.

Directed by/Diarah oleh: Mien Lor

Produced by/Terbitan oleh: SUARAM



Imagine leaving all that you have behind to escape to a foreign land.
Imagine running away because you fear for your life and the life of
your loved ones. Imagine running to escape from persecution, only to
arrive at another form of incarceration. Imagine running towards hope
and freedom, only to find that hope is all there is.

Running follows the plight of different individuals who ran away from
their homes in Burma in the hopes of freedom and a better life. They
are each a refugee, asylum seeker and/or stateless person. As they
tell their stories, they delve into their difficult lives in Malaysia
in search of stability and the hope of a better future that is denied
to them in their home country. Their story represents the stories of
many other refugees who are currently in Malaysia.



Bayangkan anda meninggalkan semua kepunyaan anda dan melarikan diri ke
suatu negara asing. Bayangkan melarikan diri kerana takut nyawa anda
dan orang kesayanganmu dalam bahaya. Bayangkan anda melarikan diri
untuk melepaskan diri daripada penindasan, tetapi akhirnya masih
ditindas. Bayangkan berlari ke arah harapan dan kebebasan, hanya untuk
mendapat tahu bahawa harapan sajalah yang wujud.

Berlari mengisahkan kesusahan beberapa individu yang melarikan diri
dari Burma, dengan harapan untuk mendapatkan kebebasan dan kehidupan
yang lebih baik. Mereka adalah pelarian, pencari suaka dan/atau orang
yang tidak mempunyai kerakyatan. Mereka menceritakan kehidupan mereka
yang susah di Malaysia dalam mencapai  masa depan yang lebih baik.
Malah, hak inilah yang telah dinafikan terhadap mereka di negara asal
mereka. Cerita mereka mewakili cerita-cerita pelarian lain yang kini
berada di Malaysia.

Making film, history and heritage

The government has allocated a sum of RM15 million for the sole purpose of encouraging Malaysians to make films of ‘national interest’.

According to a Bernama report, Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Shafie Apdal said that this film project would ‘serve to contribute to the enhancement of national unity and celebrate the many human tales and case studies of courage and endeavour’.

Noble aims, but the underlying and crucial questions here are, whose ‘national interest’ would be served, and whose history and cultural heritage would these films be expected to foreground?

Additionally, it would be interesting to know the composition of the selection panel of experts or group that is expected to address questions such as the above. 


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 (Bernama) — The Government has approved the setting-up of a RM15 million fund for the making of films of national interest, said Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal.

“We believe that support should be given for the production of films with historical, cultural and heritage themes,” he said in his speech at the welcoming night of the 2nd Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival (KLIFF 2008), here Wednesday night.

Shafie said the development would also serve to contribute to the enhancement of national unity and celebrate the many human tales and case studies of courage and endeavour.

This development alone will increase the local investment for the production of films by at least 40 percent,” he said.

He said within the next three years, it was estimated that the Malaysian film industry would produce no less than 35 mainstream feature films a year.

“This figure does not include the increasing number of digital films, short films, documentaries and animation movies that are coming online due to the increasing demand from various televisions stations and satellite TV,” he said.