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Here come the “blue transformers”

(Photo credit: Malaysiakini)

Yes, it’s the MCA men, who are feeling blue.

They promise to go to ‘war’ in the forthcoming general election, wearing their new ‘weapons’, i.e. blue-coloured anti-Pakatan Rakyat T-shirts (hopefully without V-neck). This is their idea of transforming themselves in order to “suit to (election) time”. Never mind about addressing economic, social and political challenges facing this country and beyond.

It would do them good, though, if they flirt with the idea of wearing something yellow instead so as to be consonant with the changing political landscape in the country.

But then, who are we to offer suggestion to a bunch of grown-ups who get that ‘feel good’ sensation out of the blue?

The rape of reason

MCA Wanita vice-chairperson Heng Seai Kie reportedly warned non-Muslim women that Muslim men would in effect rape them, particularly those who don’t conform to the Islamic dress code. This act, she declared, would be condoned by Nik Aziz and, by extension, his Pas party.

If Seai Kie is to be believed, then it is most advisable that she clamp herself with a chastity belt pronto to avoid untoward incident — and stay away from Malay-Muslim individuals, including those potent politicians who walk the corridors of power and those who have come into a political and electoral pact with her MCA party.

Such is the politics of fear that is being peddled by those who are being haunted by their own political uncertainty.

Getting to the bottom of things with Anwar

While Jerit makes use of cycling across the country as a vehicle to make a political statement and raise public awareness about certain social issues — and doing that with great difficulty, a group of people who called themselves Reformis (or, People’s Reform Movement) show their penchant for baring it all to ‘articulate’ their dissatisfaction with the Pakatan Rakyat over what they perceived as the PR’s broken electoral promises.

This time around leaders of the Reformis threaten to show it all to Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition leader.

Incidentally, one wonders whether police permit is still required by the Reformis group given that they’re clearly unarmed, do not wear red t-shirt, and are quite open about their intention.

Of bare necessities in Selangor

Members of Gerakan Reformasi Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) reportedly planned to stalk Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and strip naked in protest against the state government’s decision to raise the rental of low-cost houses.

While their plight may get the desired public attention, this very act of the self-styled Nude Squad might have the effect of turning the notion of ‘reformasi’ on its head.

And arising from this episode, one wonders whether there would be certain quarters in society who would mischievously try to make an equation between social reform and ‘immoral act’.

An extract of The Star report:

SHAH ALAM: Eight members of Gerakan Reformasi Rakyat Malaysia (Reformis) will stalk Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and strip naked when they come face to face with him.

The men, aged 33 to 50, are from the movement’s “Dare to be Nude Squad.”

They have decided to go ahead and bare all in protest against the state government’s decision to raise the rental of low-cost houses.

“Our struggle is to keep the rental rate for government low-cost houses under the People’s Housing Scheme from going up.

“We wanted a police permit to strip in front of the State Secretariat as a sign of protest but we were denied it, so, now we will stalk the Mentri Besar and go butt naked when we get the chance,” said movement president Ramlan Abu Bakar.

He said the movement could not accept the state executive council’s decision in July to raise the rental from RM124 to RM250 a month for about 6,200 homes.

“We will go naked to get the message across. Our act is to humiliate or embarrass the Mentri Besar for not keeping to his general election promises to help the low-income earners,” he said.

Kota Baru men get dressing-down?

It seems that the Kota Baru municipal council had issued a circular to warn Muslim women employees working in food outlets and other business premises not to wear lipstick and high-heeled shoes.


Specifically, according to a Bernama report, ‘Muslim women were forbidden to wear thick make-up, bright coloured lipstick and high-heeled shoes which made a tapping sound.’


The stated reason for this directive: ‘to prevent incidents like rape and illicit sex as well as to safeguard the morals and dignity of Muslim women in Kelantan.’


If it is true that such a circular was issued, the implications of this ruling are quite worrying, particularly for Malaysian men in general and Kota Baru men in particular because it appears to suggest that these men:


  1. are too vulnerable;
  2. are simply excitable;
  3. are easily stimulated by the sound of high-heeled shoes;
  4. are incurable sex fiends;
  5. are unable to resist red, kissable lips;
  6. possess runaway galloping hormones;
  7. have always and only one thing on their minds;
  8. do not have strong moral restraint;
  9. yearn for short-term pleasures and forgo long-term life ambitions; or
  10. all of the above.


Given the implied qualities of men above, one wonders how the dignity of Muslim women in Kelantan can be protected and promoted if the latter seem to be heavily perceived by these men as sex objects and potential seducers.