SOS! Save MerdekaReview!

Save Merdeka Review!! ONLY 11 days to go!!

by Merdeka Review Fans Club on Thursday, 19 May 2011 at 12:44

The funder(s) of Merdeka decided that they no longer want to fund Merdeka, we can only sustain until end of May, which means we have ONLY 11 days to go. You can decide whether we can stay on by donate to us NOW!!

For the past 5 years, Merdeka team had build up this news portal from scratch, with an simple idea to provide alternative news to our fellow Malaysians and push for a more democratic Malaysia.

Merdeka began its operation since August 2005, to serve breaking news and in depth news analysis focusing on national and economic issues to our reader. Merdeka reports extensively on politics, public policy, judiciary, human rights, religion, environment and health issues, and make the marginalized group’s voice heard.

We set up our BM version since July 2009 to bridge the gap between Chinese speaking society and malay speaking society, to promote integration of both societies.

Our readership increase exponentially for the past few years, and our advertisement income increase for the past one year. Just when we are preparing for the General Election coverage, we were blown by this sudden change of incident.

In order to maintain our operation, we need RM 60,000 a month, our advertisement income is still fall short. With the funder’s recent decision, we have no choice but to appeal to our reader and friends who love to see a better Malaysia by donating to Merdeka Review.

We hope that you can help us by doing the following:

1. Donate to Merdeka Review to help us go through this difficult time, so that we can sustain longer to find other investor(s).

2. Become our long term investor(s) by investing/funding merdekareview,or assist us in seeking long term investor(s)

3. Write in to support Merdeka Review on self-sustain action.

4. Please help us to spread the news.

You can donate to Merdeka Review via online banking or bank in to our account:

Hong Leong Bank Account:Merdeka Review Sdn. Bhd. (acc no:04001025891)

EON Bank Account :Merdeka Review Sdn. Bhd. (acc no:0595110002973)

Maybank Account :Merdeka Review Sdn. Bhd. (acc no:514440123099)


Merdeka Review Team: Chang Teck Peng, Chan Wei See, Lim Hong Siang, Chen Shaua Fui, Neo Chee Hua, Chan Kim Ming, Ong Vic Kee, Leong Khong, Saw Siow Feng, Jerry Kwan, Heng Sai Cheng


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