‘Duty-free’ varsity?

In its earnest attempt to attract more students and make a mark internationally, Universiti Utara Malaysia has decided to apply to the federal government a duty-free status. A university campus doubling up as a tourist destination?

SINTOK, Jan 1 — Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) will apply to the federal government for duty-free status for its main campus here in an effort to speed up its revival and place it on the world map, said its vice-chancellor Prof Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak. 

He said the university was carrying out research on the matter and was now preparing a working paper to be submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education.

“The duty-free status will definitely help UUM become an international-level university in the field of management and business and attract more students locally and abroad,” he told reporters after delivering the vice-chancellor’s message at a gathering of about 3,000 staff of the university here today. 

He added that the university would be able to generate an income from business development activities on the campus based on the duty-free status which could reduce financial dependence on the government. — Bernama


1 Response to “‘Duty-free’ varsity?”

  1. 1 lulu 2 January 2011 at 7:03 am

    i was wondering which item they’re thinking of to attract the students?
    duty free alcohol so that the they can ala uk, sit around the pub after lectures and discuss man-stuff over a pint?
    duty free cigarettes since most of them are spending so much of their scholarship money on it anyway?
    duty free cars so that the male and female students don’t have to himpit badan on a motorbike?
    duty free pyrex so that every student can leave the uni with something precious?
    hope this was a one-off stupid statement from people who develop our next generation’s mind
    happy new year mus!

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