A twit and the corrosive culture of the Internet

Malaysian government’s connection with the Internet is something of a love-hate relationship. This is especially so after the 2008 general election when the activities of Net users were said to have caused to a certain degree the ruling coalition to experience heavy electoral losses.

So the quibbling of Information and Communication Minister Rais Yatim over the purported dangers of Twitter, Facebook and blogging can only be read as reinforcing the said sentiment of the federal government.

But this time around, the minister concerned argued that the use of the Internet might run counter to the values supposedly promoted by revealed religions such as Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.

What he failed to state is that religions exhort their adherents to search for truth and justice wherever it may be, and this includes the Internet vis-a-vis the mainstream media whose credibility has tumbled.

And, apparently, if everything else failed in his urging, Rais warned Muslims and other religious groups to be “wary of the Internet as it was introduced by the West”.

If we were to follow through his argument to its logical conclusion, then we will have to stay away from the television set (through which programmes from RTM, TV3 etc are beamed) that was also first introduced by the West. On second thought, this (i.e. to shun television) may not be a bad idea after all.


3 Responses to “A twit and the corrosive culture of the Internet”

  1. 1 Kesava Rao 18 January 2010 at 12:31 am

    “On second thought, this (i.e. to shun television) may not be a bad idea after all.”

    It is an excellent idea that prevents mental problems.

  2. 2 veryupset 18 January 2010 at 8:32 am

    Damn funny fellers we have running a country! Ministers, we call them…!!!!

    How informed is our Information Minister?????
    Twitter, Facebooking, Blogging, etc….. are just for self entertainment.

    Btw… who & what sort of feller that they caught instigating hatred on FB? Can’t blame that feller with that sort of upbringing & info that’s been put in their heads yah…..!!!
    Now, who’s got no values?

    As for the West… They did not force the Internet on Asian countries, brother!!
    We were encouraged to embrace it, brother!!! Just like KFC, McD, Burger King, 7 Eleven, Guess, Jusco, Armani, Dior, Hilton Hotel, Marriotts Hotels,etc, etc…..
    Just to name a few.
    Are we to be wary of these too as they were “introduced” by the west. East too…?

    They must be bad influences as we’ve “ALL” patronised it in some way.

    How about saying… “That’s it! Nobody take the situation under their hands. Anybody creating racial & religious disharmony will be thrown straight into ISA. Don’t mess with me……..!!”

    Wishful thinking….!!!

  3. 3 Pat 19 January 2010 at 11:51 am

    My jaw falls to my knees every time I hear these gems from the mouths of our esteemed ministers.

    I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, and imagine that their speech-writers, or some other misinformed or recently-returned-from-Mars idiot wrote it into their speeches.

    And yah, sad that they themselves didn’t pre-read the damn thing before blah-blah-blahing it on tv or wherever lah!

    And then, when it was already ‘out there’, how lah? Have to defend what was tersaid, right?

    So, you faham tak, how generous is my giving of the benefit-of-the-doubt thingy?

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