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Antares hospitalised

I just got to know about Antares’ Malaria infection via Zorro’s blog.

I pray for his speedy recovery.

Antares is known for his deep concern for social justice, human rights and last but not least, the environment.


Merry Christmas

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Wishing Merry Christmas to friends of the Christian faith.

Has anyone found our jet engine yet?

Apparently not.

But not to despair. Armed Forces chief Azizan Ariffin assured Malaysians that Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) operations would not be affected by the mere loss of one F-5E jet engine.

“The missing jet engine does not affect RMAF operations because we have more than 16 F-5E jets and only seven are used for tactical missions,” he told reporters after the annual parade and prize giving at the Royal Military College here today.

Remember Yong

A 21-year-old Malaysian, Yong Vui Kong, has been sentenced to death by Singapore’s High Court for trafficking 47 grammes of heroin. Yong, who was 19 years old at the time of offence, is now facing impending execution.

The Singapore Anti Death Penalty Campaign (SADPC) has launched a petition to seek clemency for Yong from the President of Singapore and the entire Singapore cabinet.

Those who are interested to sign the online petition, and also to get a little background to Yong’s case, may visit the website concerned here.

Salam Ma’al Hijrah

Wishing friends and fellow Muslims Salam Ma’al Hijrah 1431 H.

A sign of the times

(Photo credit: The Malaysian Insider)

You’d be easily alerted to the fact that you are nearing Ipoh by the giant sign that says ‘IPOH’.

And while you’re at it, you should also be alerted to the fact that each of the alphabets in ‘IPOH’ costs RM100,000 — and there are two of those huge signs welcoming visitors to the city.

So go figure. For full story, see here.

Stop that racist reporting, says Nazri

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz (who’s also an UMNO Supreme Council member) reportedly castigated UMNO-owned Utusan Malaysia for the kind of questionable reporting that the daily practises especially of late.

Accusing the mainstream newspaper of promoting an ‘outdated racist agenda’, Nazri called on the daily to accept the social reality of a Malaysia that is multiethnic.

It would be interesting to see how people who are purportedly concerned with journalism ethics and ethnic harmony in the country react to this recent ministerial outburst.