Feeling for 1Indian Malaysia

Indian Malaysians who, according to Prime Minister Najib, are ‘somewhat marginalised’ are told to stay loyal to the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) as this is where their future supposedly lies.

To be sure, the Indian community as a whole had remained loyal to the BN all these many years — despite the fact that a substantial number within the community had to, and still do, face economic neglect and hardships.

Indeed, for many of them, particularly those living in rubber plantations and urban squatters, their socio-economic marginalisation is rather real and painfully persistent.

3 Responses to “Feeling for 1Indian Malaysia”

  1. 1 vetrivel 1 November 2009 at 10:39 am

    Enough said,

    We DONT WANT 1Malaysia camp which caused death to students,


    Our children want Education, Not Camps to cultivate Unity,

    52 years we vote BN you give us 1MINISTER,
    52 years our 1UNITY now down the drain,

    Enoughla… Give us the REAL 1Malaysia if you are Sincere

  2. 2 ma han ji 1 November 2009 at 5:36 pm

    Pls check the status of unity in varsities first. The so called educated / cream of the society couldn’t mingle around together in varsities and colleges. When the adults couldn’t get closer to each other, how to do it in young age/ primary level? Even in secondary we cannot find a good integration among the students. Which one indicates that the kids can get united through these three days camp? Think about it seriously.

  3. 3 Leithaisor 1 November 2009 at 6:55 pm

    There have been repeated incidences where assorted members of the ruling BN coalition, predominantly UMNO members, but also on occasion non-UMNO folks like Samy Vellu notably, issued statements about “government funds”.

    They seem to consider “government funds” as something which UMNO/BN can dispense at their pleasure, to the extent that they bait voters and segments of the population with it – as in the case you wrote about viz: if Indians want better future economically, then stay loyal to UMNO/BN.

    It extends to many other forms, including threats, either veiled / implied, or blatantly direct / open, during polls that voting Opposition = no development.

    It also extends to various civil servants carrying out their duties with a great deal of prejudice against Opposition assemblymen / MPs or even entire states. Witness Kelantan oil royalty, for instance.

    Does UMNO/BN not recognise that a government in power has the solemn duty to use the public funds for the good of ALL the rakyat, who are the rightful owners of said funds?

    Does UMNO/BN have no inkling that doing things the way it has been doing is a breach of the public trust? What does Islam have to say about such acts?

    Does Prime Minister Najib think that it is right and proper to tell the “somewhat marginalised” Indians to stay loyal to BN the way he did?

    It is sad truth that the desparately poor members of our nation have to face the hard truth that BN holds the key to an end to their predicament, at least in the short term. It is hard to see longer term and be noble on an empty stomach.

    But the fact that UMNO/BN been repeatedly using that as a political tool to hold on to power is a damning indictment, and speaks volumes of exactly what they stand for.

    It is also a betrayal of what the founders of UMNO, and the founders of BN component parties like MIC and MCA, stood and fought for.

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