A tree with a ‘plaque problem’

The now famous ‘Democracy Tree’ in Ipoh, according to The Malaysian Insider, has just been ‘served’ with a notice by the Ipoh City Council to remove the recently erected plaque within 24 hours.

Apparently, the notice was served to the tree — and not to a person or a group of individuals. Which would make it difficult for one to imagine how on earth would the tree ‘try’ to clean up the area by itself.

This is, by the way, after the plaque has been vandalised by an unknown person or persons.

At the end of the day, the plaque may well disappear from the vicinity of the tree, but the significance of the event associated with the tree can never be erased from the collective memory of Malaysians who care for democracy.

Put another way, that historical moment in Ipoh has already been etched in the collective memory of many Malaysians.


The Malaysian Insider reports:

Ipoh council serves notice to a tree

IPOH, March 14 — The Ipoh City Council has now taken its turn to fuss over Perak’s democracy plaque, claiming that the structure was an obstruction in a public area.

The council pinned a notice on the “Democracy Tree” late yesterday evening, informing the “owner” of the plaque to remove the monument within 24 hours before it gets destroyed.

Pakatan Rakyat has chosen to laugh at the council’s method of serving the notice to the tree instead of to an individual however, and said that it would ignore the notice.

“None of us, not one person from any PR party, received the notice.

“The notice was addressed to the owner of the plaque and yet the council served it to the tree, as if the tree owns the plaque.

“In that case, I guess they expect the tree to take heed of their notice and destroy the plaque,” joked Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming to reporters at a press conference today.

He said since no such notice had been given to any of the PR parties, nothing would be done about the plaque.

The notice claimed that the plaque, erected on a road reserve, was illegal because PR had not applied for a permit from the council.

It also said that the structure posed an obstruction to the public and hence contravened Section 46(1)(a) of the Road, Drainage and Building Ordinance 1974.


2 Responses to “A tree with a ‘plaque problem’”

  1. 1 sword of justice 14 March 2009 at 9:37 pm

    Assalamualikum WBT,

    What a real laugh! …How can a tree be served with a notice? Does the person who cooked up the issue have the “brain” of a tree? I wonder what the Ipoh Council people are? Human or humanoids? Truly this must be the joke of the year. Ripley’s “Believe or Not”. This shows how dumb …they are …the whole lot of them. HRH should remove them to prevent the Ipoh (Perak’s) Council from being made a laughing stock! This is the first case in Malaysian history all along the 51 years of Independence that has transpired. Again! Numbkullsdamn the whole lot! HE! He! He! Heeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! geli hatinya aku!!!!! DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! Even the tree will be saying “Apa yang ku buat salah?”

  2. 2 Perakian 14 March 2009 at 11:27 pm

    The Pakatan people are the laughing stock of the world. They lost, tried to garner sympathy by meeting under a tree, gave the tree a name, put up a plaque, saw the plaque being vandalised as expected and are now crying like little kids. Jeez.

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