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Three ISA detainees released?

Yes, according to a Malaysiakini report that quoted human rights group Suaram: three alleged members of the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) militant group have been released by the Malaysian government after they were held for more than five years without trial under the draconian ISA. 

The three are businessmen Suhaimi Mokhtar and Mohammad Khider Kadran and electrician Zaini Zakaria, who were released from the Kamunting detention centre last Friday.

To be sure, these three have been physically released from the detention centre. And yet the stigma about them being suspected members of the militant JI group, is still intact. JI is said to have links to al-Qaeda.

They have no recourse to clear their names for as long as they’re not brought to a court of law, a heavy price to pay indeed especially, as mentioned by a daily, they are required in future to report to the nearby police station on a daily basis.  So in this sense, they’re not fully ‘released’.

Isn’t this unfair to them, and their immediate families? Being smeared without an opportunity to prove their innocence?

Is it fair for them to have lost some five solid years of their precious lives in detention for merely being suspected members of the militant group?