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Bukit Gantang, a prized possession?












    (Source: Malaysiakini)



With the passing of PAS Member of Parliament for Bukit Gantang, 50-year-old Roslan Shaharum, today (Al-Fatihah for him), Bukit Gantang is set to witness a by-election soon. 

And as with the practices of the past, instant physical development and promises of ‘good life’ are expected to descend upon this durian-drenched area near the town of Taiping. Put another way, Santa Claus will be there as large as life.  

Coming on the heels of the Perak political upheaval that involves PR, BN and the Perak Palace, this by-election promises to be a hot political contest worth watching intensely.


Power to the people

The recent ‘Perak episode’ reminds me of the late John Lennon’s ‘Power to the People’ song. This is because large numbers of people in Perak, particularly those who went to the streets, reportedly insisted on having their voice heard and wishes granted.

Incidentally, is there going to be a re-play of this ‘Perak episode’ in Kedah? Malaysiakini reported on the possibility of a by-election soon for the Bukit Selambau state seat because it was alleged that the assemblyperson concerned came under ‘heavy pressure’ to leave PKR.