Signed, sealed, delivered…

Stevie Wonder ft Beyonce, and they both wonder whether it’s worth their while to be ‘Signed, sealed, delivered’.


2 Responses to “Signed, sealed, delivered…”

  1. 1 zulkifli abdullah 5 February 2009 at 10:06 am

    What a political mess boleh land is in right now.
    a)Althantuya must be grieving in her grave who cares
    b)528 class “F” contracts were given out who cares
    c)Bota and company a (controversial) MP who cares
    c)Jelapang too many road accidents who cares
    d)Behrang’s got a … MP who cares
    e)Changkat Jering has left her voters kering who cares
    f)Political yo-yo in bolehland who cares
    g)50 million more or less who cares
    h)Transportation price hike who cares
    i)Transportation woes who cares
    j)Economic turmoil who cares
    k)Flaws in the education system in bolehland who cares
    l)Food prices has in fact upsurged who cares
    m)Of what is morally left in the judiciary system who cares
    n)Police brutality who cares
    Come the 2012 election we’ll make it a point to care

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