Yet another bad year for the Palestinians

The dark skies were lit radiantly by the exploding fireworks as revellers in most of the world’s major cities celebrated the coming of 2009.

Similarly, the dark skies in Gaza Strip were also lit brightly as the New Year slowly slipped in, but only by raining bombs, rockets and firepower of the mighty military of the occupying Israel.

For the Gazan Palestinians in particular, 2009 marks a horrifying sequel to the violent nightmare and indignities of 2008 and the years before that.

The obvious question, it seems to me, here: is the so-called civilised ‘international community’ to be reduced yet again to being helpless observers of senseless killings and modern-day barbarism?


15 Responses to “Yet another bad year for the Palestinians”

  1. 1 dcbarton 1 January 2009 at 12:19 pm

    “senseless killings and modern day babarism?” What about the senseless killings and barbarism committed by the Palestinians that send suicide bombers into neighboring Israel to commit murder of innocent children? What about the barbarism of shooting rockets into Israel targeted towards innocent civillians? It is easy for the Palestinians to claim victimhood, not so easy for them to actually be the victims. The Israelis pulled out of Gaza in 2006 under a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Two months later, Hamas was shooting rockets from Gaza. This is the way with every peace agreement the Israelis sign with the Palestinians, the Israelis give and the Palestinians still commit murder. The biggest farce is the cry of victimhood from those who start the senseless violence.

  2. 2 max 1 January 2009 at 12:53 pm

    why do moslems always without fail looked at only one side of the coin? Is it ok for Hamas to shoot missiles after missles at Israel, and expect Israel to do nothing? Of course, Israel has to retailiate heavily as a deterrent to Hamas and other terrorists groups which may have similar ideas.

  3. 3 Johnny Cheah 1 January 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Many wars have been fought between Israel and the muslim countries in the Middle East many years ago. People must understand that Israel is surrounded by muslim countries and as of today, Egypt and Jordan maybe the only muslim countries in the Middle East to have peace accord with Israel. The muslim countries in the Middle East must not forget Israel’s motto, “AN EYE FOR AN EYE” The reason for this stand by Israel is to deter some of the muslim countries from launching unwanted attacks into Israel for example, suicide bomb attacks and of course rocket and mortar attacks. My believe is that Israel wants to live in peace with it’s neighbours. But certain neighbour have different views. Hence, the recent rocket and mortar attacks on Israel. Israel, as a country have the right to defend it’s territory and citizens from this kind of attacks which destroyed lives and properties. Whenever this happened, Muslim countries will go all out to condemn Israel. They will side whole heartedly with the muslim country who started all this with their suicide bombs and rocket and mortar attacks. Indirectly, by doing this they are supporting the muslim country who started off as the aggressor. What needs to be done is that the muslim countries in the Middle East and out should ask the aggressive muslim country to stop what they have been doing and at the same time talk to Israel to negiotiate peace with the aggressor. I am sure that if Hamas promise not to send rockets and mortars into Israeli territory, Israel will be more than happy to stop it’s air attacks on Hamas. Let’s hope that they can achieve lasting peace in the Middle East in the near future which will be for the benefits for everybody, especially the Palestinians.

  4. 4 Suria 1 January 2009 at 5:40 pm

    Israel is not India to keep negotiating like spineless people. I am amazed how the same Muslims just are silent when the Muslim terrorist do all the ‘unislamic’ things like killing the innocent/civilians in other countries. I don’t see any mass protests when the Islamist kill civilians without provocation. Yet they say it is not Ismaic to do such things.

    Muslims should not have double standards when comes to violence against man kind, no matter who does it. Why not Muslims put their foot down and spell out to the Muslims terrorist that they are spoiling the image of Islam thus what they are doing is not correct.
    All we hear is justififation for such terror activities. There is no perfect world. People from every kind of race suffer on way or another. Muslims should not blame the rest of the world for islamophorbia etc. Just mirror yourself. Who is primarily responsible for such current situation/phobias. Why not help one another by peacful manner. Why cant the rich Muslims counties help by giving education, feed, build schools etc. instead of supplying guns and bombs and instigate one against another.
    It is affecting good muslims students who are living overseas, who are looked at suspeciously by others. End of the day what we all want? A little space for us to live in peace in this world. Stop sperading hatred based on race and religion. Then the world will be a better place for all to live.

  5. 5 stan 1 January 2009 at 9:18 pm

    sorry, if u expect sympathy from me , u will get none for me. U will get my symphaty, when muslims stop caring only about arab muslims and care for the rest too. I am surprised that , no one has raised any issues abour darfur or the bombs that killed children in afghanistan or the bombs that kill muslims in pakistan. How come no one protest about them .It seems that only the blood of arab muslims are important and stupidly, the malays muslims by keeping quiet about other atrocities, only reinforce my views .

  6. 6 Observer 1 January 2009 at 9:37 pm

    I think it is important that we do not argue the Gazan problems
    from feelings, opinions and the surface of things alone.

    The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of a very long history and this
    does not burst only today. It is very simple to just pinpoint it
    to religious sentiments and logic whereby, truly believing this attack by Zionist is a retaliatory act of some sort.

    It is pure naivety to believe that Israel would play good neighbours
    if it is not attacked. A look at the history of Palestine when it was
    under the British Mandate and the fact, it remained under British
    Mandate until it is ready for self-rule shows that West Gaza is not
    for the Israel to take. Israel took it, eventhough it is not their

    True, there was a ceasefire but Israel never recognise Hamas, as
    the democratically-elected leader among the Palestinians. Hence,
    the systematic campaign to weaken the Hamas and to finish off
    the Palestinians. One senior member of the Israel government
    was quoted by the British press recently as saying that they
    planned to “put the Palestinians on a diet” by blocking all
    supplies of food,medicine, water and fuel into West Gaza.

    In the ceasefire, Hamas only ask the Israel for the return
    of their legal land but Israel refuse. Last, the Hamas ask
    for Israel to allow the flow of fuel, food, medicines and water
    into West Gaza but again, Israel refuse.

    First, they starve the people and kill them off slowly by denying
    medicine to the Palestinians. This attack, is actually not one
    of a retaliation but was a first class act by the Israel to the
    world. This act was actually planned for the past 6 months by
    the government as revealed by Isreali’s own media.

    It has nothing to do with religion but Muslims’ reaction is one
    of against humanity. This attack by Hamas is the last ditch attack
    by a leader who has a nation of hungry, dying people. Truly, put
    religion aside, I would like to ask everyone here, what would you
    do if your people are starving and dying when your neighbour who
    holds the key to end it, simply have the heart to let the people

  7. 7 Peace Loving Man 2 January 2009 at 1:39 am


    Bravo for highlighting the Palestinian issue. Judging from the comments, I do not understand why many people cannot understand the Palestinian problems from a proper perspective.

    Johnny Cheah 1 January 2009 at 3:36 pm (and the likes) ignorantly argues:

    “The reason for this stand by Israel is to deter some of the Muslim countries from launching unwanted attacks into Israel for example, suicide bomb attacks and of course rocket and mortar attacks.”

    The real reason is, because Israel is the real aggressor and now living in fear, hence she needs to do what you feel is justifiable. It is only normal, for an aggressor to feel that people will be out to get him/her.

    “My believe is that Israel wants to live in peace with it’s neighbours. But certain neighbour have different views. Hence, the recent rocket and mortar attacks on Israel.”

    That’s what you believe and it might not be true at all. Why were Jews driven out of Europe early 20th century and British `help relocate’ these unwanted trouble makers to Palestine. Jews are simply trouble makers and cannot live in peace with ANY neighbors.

    “Israel, as a country have the right to defend it’s territory and citizens from this kind of attacks which destroyed lives and properties.”

    Mr. Cheah, do you know where is Israel border that was drawn up in 1948 and where is the `border’ now? If you don’t, go get some facts and come back here, we’ll discuss, if you wish. Since 1967 Palestinians are living under siege, and that’s what we called Occupied Territories. It’s illegal and numerous UN resolutions have been passed. But did the world drive the terrorist (Israel) out of the occupied territories? Of course, you know the answer. US is the culprit who is defending the terrorist Israel. I think, you are very naive about whole issues of Palestenian. Stop making comments on something that you don’t understand. Put yourself in the shoes of the Palestenians, and believe me, you would sign up as one of the member of Matryr Squad who’ll be willing to sacrifice their lives for the country.

    I strongly urge Mr.Cheah and the likes, to really `study’ the problems in Palestine before making comments. I live in the US for quite significant number of years and I know very well the sentiment of the ordinary US citizens towards Palestinians. The Palestinians are asking for the land. Give back their land and `independence’ and there will be peace in this world.

  8. 8 Suria 2 January 2009 at 4:03 am

    Every child, man and womans blood is as valuable irrespective of race or religion. However sadly, Muslims (majority of them) in particular only react when another Muslim is affected NOT for humanity as a whole. Thats a fact. There are lots of happenings that can prove it. Coz they have the Muslim brotherhood thingy.

  9. 9 D'Nay 2 January 2009 at 8:33 am

    People like dcbarton, Johnny Cheah, Stan, Suria (and the likes) missed pertinent factor about Palestinian-Israel: who is the real aggressor? Do not conveniently ignore the history as well the current atrocities inflicted by the Jewish state against the Palestinians and uninformed, naive and bigotry argument against Muslims.

    The perceptions of the people above goes to show how successful Jewish state propaganda machineries with the help of its strongest ally the US, have shaped the minds of the world. Billions of US dollars have been `invested’ to create the image of Islam and Palestians as aggressors and terrorists, and looks like it works. Again, it goes to show that you’ve succumbed to US propaganda, though you thought you are smart enough to think. It’s hegemony at work.

    For those who keep on bringing the issues of wealthy Arab countries for not being able to play an effective role, again, you’re being naive for not realizing that those rich monarchs are simply puppets of the US.

    I totally agree with Observer (1 January 2009 at 9:37 pm) and suggest Mustafa and other right thinking human rights bloggers to keep on highlighting the plights of the Palestinians, as well as the Pattani (southern thailand) and Mindanao (the Phillippines) Freedom fighters, Afghans, and Iraqis. Iraq is a good example how western powers, esp. the US (of course, with the blessings of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia), create a dysfunctional society/nation. Long after this, people will blame the Iraqis if they go on fighting for their true freedom, just like what happens to Palestine.

    Israel is a non-entity! Go read history, to understand the real problem.

  10. 10 Woody Pfister 2 January 2009 at 8:54 am

    The Paleatinians put Hamas in power. Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.They have fired a constant barrage of missles into Israel.What do they expect?

    Palestinians destroyed the reaources, such as greenhouses the Israelis turnwd over to them in Gaza. Arab nations have systematically denied Palestinians the rights in their countries pr even food and supplies into their territories. They’re pawns, incapable of self-government, in the Arab’s quest to destroy Israel.

    These Arab governments won’t rest until Isreal is destroyed. In light of that, Israel is justified in yaking these governments out.

  11. 11 stan 2 January 2009 at 10:56 am

    To d’nay & others ,

    First of all, when have muslims even lived with fellow muslims in peace ? Since the day of muhammads’s passing, muslims have been killing fellow muslims, shites,sunnis, etc etc, even till today.

    So how can muslims show that , they can live with the rest in peace. The whole of middle east is full of muslims and jews occupy only a small portion of it. The jews have as much right to live there as others. To those, who conveniently ask us to read history, the question is , have u read it yourself ? Here is a bit of history for u . Israel existed on that land for millenia until the Jews were expelled by the Romans in AD 70. The Arabs moved in afterwards. In 1948 a historic wrong was righted by the refoundation of the nation of Israel. There would have been a Palestine too had the UN vote been accepted by the Arabs, who only have themselves to blame.

    Please also note that there are 2 million arabs living peacefully in israel, being citizens ….

  12. 12 'Nay 2 January 2009 at 3:18 pm

    stan (2 January 2009 at 10:56 am) states:

    “First of all, when have muslims ever lived with fellow muslims in peace? Since the day of Muhammad’s passing, muslims have been killing fellow muslims, shites, sunnis, etc etc, even till today.”

    Why pick on muslims alone when it comes to analysing conflicts and wars. This is what I’d say bigoted statement for failing to see things objectively. Are you telling me that this world and its history is all peace except when it comes to muslims. War and conflicts have been part and parcel of world history. It’s not confined to muslims and muslim world. Look around and read further, is First and Second world war about Islam and Muslim. In recent history, the war between Britain and Argentina, and the on-going conflicts in Sri Lanka, African nations… oohhh, blame it all on Islam and muslims. How objective can you be?
    Stan further argues;
    “In 1948 a historic wrong was righted by the refoundation of the nation of Israel.”
    Again the question of right and wrong here is not purely based on unbiased, objective stand. It is from a western point of view (which unfortunately are always the primary definers of the reality that we live in). The European nations simply do not want trouble makers to be around them and conveniently using history to justify the relocation of Jews in the middle-east and of course were given the best part (the most fertile with the most economic potential) of region.

    Perhaps, that’s why Hitler persecuted the Jews (remember holocaust) because he knew what kind of human beings (Jews and) Zionists are. And now, it’s the guilt the West felt after what Hitler did to the Jews, that they took upon themselves to protect the Jews. In short, two wrongs don’t make things right.

    Mustafa, I would suggest the title of your posting should be “Yet another bad year for Humanity”.

  13. 13 stan 4 January 2009 at 12:40 pm

    nay, again i think u are totally out of whack with reality.You will realize that most post here dont support your views….maybe u should think why.

    There was a big difference in wars of world war 1,2 and recent conflicts. What do u mean by what kind of people jews are ? When u take a plane these days, do they check for a buddhist terrorist, or a hindu terrrist , a christian terrorist or jewish terrorist ? It’s only 1 kind of terrorist that they look for isn’t it.

    What do u mean that 2 wrong dont make a right, arabs insisting that jews have no right to live are creating a problem themselves.

    If you want to talk about humanity . Have u seen protest from muslims throughout the world about mumbai ? Why talk about humanity when it comes only to the palestinians and arabs ? I would have been more convinced if i had seen muslims throughout the world protesting about mumbai.

    I didn’t, so how do u expect me to bother about muslims now ? Humanity goes both ways…. It’s true there are conflicts in Sri lanka etc, but face it, when i take the planes, i am not worried about sri lankan terrorist only islamic ……. so fix islam and dont blame others if we have a negative attitude towards islam. It’s people like you who reinforce it actually.

  14. 14 dcbarton 5 January 2009 at 5:42 am

    let’s look at who is the real aggressor. In 1948, just two weeks after Israel was recognized as a nation (Israel didn’t steal that land, they purchased it from Palestinian landowners who were all too happy to have the money) Israel was attacked by how many Arab nations? In the ’68 war Israel gained the West Bank and Gaza, but lost sections of Jerusalem. The Palestinians want Gaza and the West Bank back, but never mention giving Israel all of Jerusalem again. When Israel pulled out of Gaza, Hamas started firing rockets from Gaza, Palestinians never complain about that, do they? Israel has no charter demanding that Palestinians cease to exist, Hamas does have that charter in its founding documents regarding Israel.
    Historically, Israel is always attacked first, then retaliates, the big complaint by Palestinians seems to be that Israel retaliates too hard. Welcome to warfare, if you don’t like how the game is played, find another game. I hear Palestinians whine about Palestinian civilian deaths, Palestinian children’s deaths. When was the last time a Palestinian complained about Palestinian terrorists sneaking into Israeli homes and murdering Israeli children in their beds? Did you ever hear a Palestinian complain about suicide bombers that attack buses and restaurants packed with Israeli children? NO. You never heard those complaints because they are never made. You sow what you reap, the Palestinians brought this on themselves and have noone else to blame.

  15. 15 D'Nay 7 January 2009 at 11:49 pm

    Stan said:
    “so fix islam and dont blame others if we have a negative attitude towards islam. It’s people like you who reinforce it actually.”

    And I would argue that it is people like you actually who helped perpetuate the zionist barbaric behaviour today.

    Stan further lamented;
    “There was a big difference in wars of world war 1,2 and recent conflicts.”

    Wow, wow, wow…Why do you suddenly consider these wars and other conflicts not involving Islam and muslim as “big different”. What big difference are you talking about? Don’t just make a sweeping sleazy statement and leave it at that. Come on explain, I would like to hear. I believe you have no explanation on this, except your bigotry views about Islam and Muslim. Most of the muslims who have decided to take up arm resistence are oppressed people. And as history has taught us, oppression leads to resistence. It’s not just muslim but any oppressed society for that matter. If I’m gonna give you list of conflicts throughout our history, I’ll certainly hear your denial “ooo that’s different, ooo that’s different and that’s different too……except when it comes to muslim-islam who rightly fought for their rights, guaranteed under the UN charter…that’s terrorist! Well done (Big clap for showing your bigotry views of the world).

    Again, for those who childishly would like to get into arguing about who broke the cease fire first read this:”

    dcbarton (5 January 2009 at 5:42 am) said:
    “You sow what you reap, the Palestinians brought this on themselves and have noone else to blame.”

    Sounded like that chinese lady who was found guilty of hurting her Indonesian maid using hot water and Iron, that it’s self-inflicted injury. May be you’re are the `same kind’.

    Gazan has been living in an `open-air prison’ in their own land created by Israel since 2006 after Hamas was DEMOCRATICALLY elected to rule Palestine. How come suddently, US and Israel, do not want to accept Hamas leadership. Hey, let the Palestinians decide who they want to lead their land.

    dcbarton (5 January 2009 at 5:42 am) futher said:
    “Historically, Israel is always attacked first, then retaliates, the big complaint by Palestinians seems to be that Israel retaliates too hard.”

    Israel is attacked first???? Where do you get this “truth” that you seem to believe in? Listen to CNN report on who actually launch the attack in this latest episode. You are so blinded to see that Gazans have been living in the biggest `open-air prison’ in their own land created by Israel. They have been under siege for a long time and tortured emotionally, psycholgically, physically, economically…and any society living under such conditions, will certainly retaliate in whatever way they can. The weapons they have I would equate to what James Scott describe as `weapons of the weak’. Of course there is no match to might of Isreal with the help of her crazy war-hungry and bully big brother the US (United Shit).

    Earlier stan (the misguided) said:

    “nay, again i think u are totally out of whack with reality.You will realize that most post here dont support your views….maybe u should think why.”

    I don’t know how you come to this conclusion. I would suggest to you to rethink you stand/believe and the misconception and misperception on this Palestinian-Israel conflict. As what I can see, more and more people are joining (and I hope you would repent quickly before it’s too late) the growing majority who are clearly on the RIGHT path.

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