Burning cycling spirit

Malaysiakini reported that unknown arsonists had torched the bicycles of the Jerit volunteers early this morning in Penang, an act that is believed to be politically motivated.

One may need to realise that burning those bicycles would be taken as a challenge and in turn would only fire up the spirits and determination of the Jerit cyclists to move on with their stated agenda.

It is sad that a peaceful initiative such as the Jerit endeavour to raise public awareness is met with violent opposition.

Here’s an extract from the Malaysiakini report

Arsonists torch Jerit bicycles
Athi Veranggan | Dec 7, 08 7:00pm 
The embattled Jerit cyclists continued to be besieged with more trouble, this time from unknown arsonists who torched their bicycles in Penanti, Penang early this morning.penang jerit cycling campaign 071208 burned bicycle At least eight bicycles were damaged, three severely, in the fire which was set by the arsonists at about 3am in Yayasan Aman building, located in mainland Penang.The tired cyclists have put up the night in the building after traveling nearly 100km across Kedah and Penang when the bicycles were set on fire.Fortunately a Jerit coordinator, Liew Shin Siong, 40, who was sleeping on the ground floor of the building, managed to douse the fire before it damaged all the bicycles.

penang jerit cycling campaign 071208 police investigetingHe was awoken by a mild explosion, presumably from burning tyres.

While the cyclists were putting out the fire, they overheard a man’s voice shouting at them – ‘hidup atau mati, tak peduli’ (alive or death, don’t care) from a car, which was parked near the building.

They could not identify the man, who was accompanied by a number of others, as it was dark. They sped off immediately after.

penang jerit cycling campaign 071208 raniA Jerit coordinator R Mohana Rani did not rule out that the arson could be politically motivated to sabotage their ‘Ride for Change’ campaign, which pedaled off from Alor Star on Dec 2.

“From the very beginning, we have been harassed by the police. We have been accused of organising an illegal bicycle procession and causing traffic jams,” she said.

Police have taken six damaged bicycles to assist in their investigation, but Mohana Rani is not confident that the probe will result in arrest.

2 Responses to “Burning cycling spirit”

  1. 1 Chekedis 8 December 2008 at 1:19 am

    I find this is too much… JERIT is creating awareness to the Rakyat with the real issues of people in Malaysia. But I’m sure setting up fire will never make them burnt out. …. The spirit of people will never die… it’s a warning to the parties who think they could stop the struggle of the people.

    Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Perjuangan!

  2. 2 Samuel Goh Kim Eng 8 December 2008 at 2:46 am


    Let the wheels of justice keep on turning
    Till there are no more hot issues burning
    May the path to human rights be not disturbed by churning
    For the fight againgst evil and wrong there’s no returning

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 081208
    Mon. 8th Dec. 2008.

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