Working decently in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Ministry of Human Resources has introduced what it calls Decent Work Agenda. This is supposed to be a new approach to its labour policy in light of the existing worldwide financial crisis that eventually has an impact upon domestic financial, economic and labour situation.

This Agenda may well catch the attention of many people, such as trade unionists, particularly at a time when there’s a tendency for certain companies to downsize and retrench a number of workers so as to still make profits, if not to merely stay afloat. This is, of course, not to mention of the possibility of firms that might just have to fold up.

In a statement to Bernama today, the ministry said its new labour policy would be guided by the Decent Work Agenda doctrine which includes:

@Creating employment opportunities for citizens and protect workers rights in employment.

@Maintaining harmonious industrial relations.

@Resolving industrial disputes fairly and equitably.

@Implementing dynamic occupational safety and health programmes.

@Developing nationwide competitive manpower.

@Provide comprehensive social safety network.


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