We are the champions

Been away the last couple of days when most parts of the world are awash in the Obama euphoria, and just got back home. Somehow you get the sense that you are indeed back in the country especially when you read such news reports as the one about the controversial Ahmad Ismail being given a ‘warrior’s welcome’ at his party division conference.

Queen’s Freddie Mercury might not have such a political scenario in mind when he sang ‘We are the champions’, but this number somehow helplessly pops out in my mind.


3 Responses to “We are the champions”

  1. 1 anna brella 10 November 2008 at 7:45 am

    Another good musical choice from you I see.

    And speaking of the charming UMNO “pahlawan” from Bukit Bendera….I am sure Adolf Hitler too was considered a charismatic German “warrior” and heroic champion of the Nazi devised concept of German-Aryan master-race supremacy over other lesser beings (like everyone else) by his swastika-toting, flag-waving, goose-stepping Third Reich Nazi-cohorts and his greedy and corrupt self-serving Nazi-party supporting cronies as well as the mindlessly infantile nincompoops in the Hitler Youth.

    And look where all that heroism and championing of their Aryan-master-race supremacy propaganda got them to in the end.

    So, all indications so far portend well for a similar fate, of self-inflicted annihilation for all time through one’s own misguided pomposity and mind-numbing stupidity, to befall all such irresistibly charming UMNO Ketuanan Melayu supremacist practitioner “pahlawans”, including the notoriously charming one from BB and those other keris-brandishing/waving ones in UMNO Youth.

    More rope anyone? Smile.

    “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon

  2. 2 chris chong 10 November 2008 at 10:11 am

    send the news to gerakan & their leaders pls.

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