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Occupational hazards of a Malaysian videographer?

Malaysiakini reported that its videographer, Syukri Mohamad, was arrested together with 22 other individuals who were involved in a candlelight vigil to protest against the draconian ISA near Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya last night.


Although Syukri has already been released on police bail, there is cause for concern nonetheless because he was arrested on the grounds that he was ‘part of the illegal organisation’.


I am quite puzzled here. Does this mean that a videographer or journalist covering a rally that does not obtain a police permit will necessarily be deemed party to members of that ‘illegal’ rally?


If one were to follow through this argument, would it be possible for a journalist to perform her duty in the most professional manner possible to report, say, an industrial strike that is staged by a group of disgruntled workers who, incidentally, do not seek police permit?


For that matter, can a journalist report an illegal motorbike racing or a Mat Rempit ‘outing’ on a lonely street in town?


Worse, should a journalist carry out her duty if she happens to be in the vicinity of a bank robbery (that is certainly illegal)?


Or can one hazard a guess here: she is expected to abandon her responsibility as a journalist?

We are the champions

Been away the last couple of days when most parts of the world are awash in the Obama euphoria, and just got back home. Somehow you get the sense that you are indeed back in the country especially when you read such news reports as the one about the controversial Ahmad Ismail being given a ‘warrior’s welcome’ at his party division conference.

Queen’s Freddie Mercury might not have such a political scenario in mind when he sang ‘We are the champions’, but this number somehow helplessly pops out in my mind.