The year of living anxiously

It appears to me that we’re living at a time when certain politicians in Malaysia have increasingly ‘offered’ themselves to ‘serve the nation’ by intensely vying for positions of power. But, as members of Welsh rock band Badfinger would tell you, you’ll have to hurry because these things are going fast. So, as they say, ‘Come and get it!’


But a reader of this blog reminds me that there are also other developments in our society that are noteworthy. In particular, we hear of some members of a particular political party threatening to, or are about to, abandon ship. And there is also rumour that another party is thinking of leaving its larger coalition. This fluidity obviously leaves us wondering who is actually leaving who, as expressed by British singer-songwriter Hazell Dean.


1 Response to “The year of living anxiously”

  1. 1 Ahmad Sahur 11 October 2008 at 9:33 pm

    The ISA is a crime against humanity if you look at the Rome Statute. As a result, we can have RPK and the rest of the ISA detainees released, have the ISA repealed and also have a regime change all in one go if someone lodges a report with the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Go to this site and find out how.

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