‘Open House’ may not be opened anymore if…

Information Minister Shabery Cheek suggested a review of the Open House in conjunction with cultural celebrations such as Hari Raya if ‘there are people who come to show disrespect towards the host’.

This remark emerged in light of the Hindraf members’ recent visit to the Open House at the PWTC hosted by the Prime Minister and other Muslim Cabinet ministers.

Government leaders claimed that the visiting Hindraf supporters had caused a commotion at the public function while the Hindraf members denied that there was such a ruckus during the visit.

Be that as it may, one supposes that a disrespect towards human rights and justice, i.e. the use of ISA, doesn’t figure here.

See here for a full report by Bernama.


3 Responses to “‘Open House’ may not be opened anymore if…”

  1. 1 Dato' 8 October 2008 at 7:42 am

    Another CHILDISH response by Information Minister. If this is the calibre of people we have in the cabinet, May Allah SWT save Malaysia.
    What unity are we talking about? B……t! … damage has been done by UMNO as far as Racial Unity is concerned. My toes are laughing when Info Minister says the Open House is to show and unite all races. My 7 year old granchild will not buy this nonsense from Info Minister. Go back to basics and examine why Racial Polarisation has reached a (dangerous) point… In my generation group we never and till today look at racial differences. Racial fanaticism is not permitted in Islam… Now I can see why even Non-Muslims are attracted to PAS as they are not Racial Fanatics… Let us all pray and doa that Almighty Allah blesses Malaysia to be a peaceful multi-religious, multi-racial, multi-cultural country and that MALAYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS becomes a reality.
    Aameen, Aameen, Yaarabbul Aalameen.

  2. 2 amoker 8 October 2008 at 9:54 am

    I will support a different approach to open house .. IF the minister pay the full expense of the open house on their own account. If they are using taxpayer’s money, then who is Shabery to decide who can come or not?

  3. 3 truemalaysian 10 October 2008 at 12:29 am

    Anyone can attend open house but please be civil… open house is not held for people to come in and protest… its held to celebrate the cultural diversity..
    I am an indian but I am definetely do not support hindraf actions at the Hari Raya Open house.. Its shameful and uncivilised attitude.

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