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One night in Permatang Pauh

An air of festivity greets on-lookers and potential voters.


The front of the UMNO Permatang Pauh centre.  


Candidate Anwar Ibrahim in his element at the Mini Stadium in Permatang Rawa.


No, it’s not an UFO studying the antics of Homo Sapiens. It’s widely believed to be a police helicopter that hovers over the Mini Stadium in Permatang Rawa.

Read my lips

We live in extraordinary times. Many politicians say so many things in the course of their daily lives to the extent that some of them apparently cannot even decipher what they have just said.

Gerakan Wanita chief Tan Lian Hoe seems to be the case. The other day she was reported to have urged her party to leave the BN. Yesterday it was reported that she, for reasons only best known to herself, ‘disowned’ what she said earlier.

According to a Malaysiakini report, Tan insisted that ‘she was merely voicing out the concerns of the grassroots but did not support the call made by the Perak Gerakan delegates during a conference on Sunday’.

Needless to say, such antics could make one tongue-tied.