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The promise of a court-ly exchange

In a land where legal suits (with mega quantum to boot), statutory declarations (and counter-declaration) and subsequent inexplicable ‘disappearance’, swearing, and promised boxes of corruption-laced documents have become very much part and parcel of life, the threat to sue Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim by UiTM vice chancellor Prof. Ibrahim Abu Shah may now be perceived by many Malaysians as something not out of the ordinary.

The suit, which was welcomed by Khalid, emerged from his suggestion that 10% of the Malay-based UiTM’s intake be opened to non-Bumiputras. That proposal received a hail of protests from the university’s students and other concerned groups. 

Malaysians would wait, probably with bated breath, for the various arguments to be presented eloquently in a court of law — as opposed to an intellectual exchange in a solemn hall of academia.

Flagging patriotism

Melaka, or rather its chief minister Mohd Ali Rustam, has this pencant for trying to be the first in almost anything.

This time around he’s reportedly exhorting fellow Melakans to fly the Malaysian flag, or Jalur Gemilang, for the entire year as a physical manifestation of one’s love for this country. This is in conjunction with the forthcoming 51st Merdeka celebration.

Although flying the national flag is an important patriotic gesture, we hope that the Melaka politician is not insinuating that flag-flying is the only meaningful way to show our love for this country.

Because life, as we know it, is not as simple as that.


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