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Selangor and single mothers

There’s good news for single mothers in Selangor. The state government is expected to provide assistance next year to single mothers probably in the form of training, start-up capital for mothers who want to start business, and educational aid for their kids.

According to Bernama, ‘so far 12,000 single mothers had registered with a dedicated portal developed by the state government for them’.

This is a good move made by the government as the scheme would equip the mothers with needed skills that can help them earn a decent living and at the same time enable them to be independent. A scheme like this is much better than offering a one-off cash assistance, especially at a time when inflation is staring hard at our faces and economic downturn is said to be looming.

In this regard, it is hoped that the state government would also look into the matter of establishing and providing childcare centres for the kids of mothers who would be undergoing training and of those who are working.


‘Sodomy’, leak and punishment

Deputy Health Minister Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad warned that Hospital Puswari could be fined up to RM300,000 and its management imprisoned if found guilty of ‘negligence which led to the leakage of information concerning the “medical report” on Mohd Saiful Bukhari who had earlier claimed that he was sodomised by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’.

According to a Bernama report, Abdul Latif also reminded that the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) could also take disciplinary action against the doctor concerned.

Even if the hospital and the doctor concerned were found to have committed such ‘negligence’, does this apparent disclosure of the ‘medical report’ necessarily negate the findings of the doctor? Does the leak make the report less credible and thus cannot be used, say, in a court of law?


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