Don’t turn your back on rakyat’s dream

The sodomy charge (Pt. 2) against de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Anwar Ibrahim by a hitherto unknown Mohd Saiful Bukhairi Azlan, his ex-aide, is the latest twist of events in political Malaysia.


This came on the heels of the explosive statutory declaration made by blogger Raja Petra that has serious implications on certain high profile individuals pertaining to the controversial Altantuya murder case.


Given the way the mainstream media as well as certain quarters in the new media have treated the recent sodomy allegation, it is no surprise that other equally, if not more, important and pressing issues to the ordinary Malaysians have been marginalised or given a short shrift.  


Furthermore, the rakyat would be dealt with a cruel blow if it is indeed true, as claimed by certain people, that the sodomy accusation is a deliberate plot on the part of the beleaguered Barisan Nasional to divert the attention of the nation away from important issues of the day such as the petrol price hike and the resultant economic hardship faced by many people.


The concern here is that, while we acknowledge the political significance and gravity of the latest sodomy charge, the entire nation cannot and should not be dragged away from major issues and concerns that informed the majority of the rakyat before they voted the way they did on March 8 this year.


Anyway, in a reformed political environment where the judiciary and the police are perceived by the public as being professional, independent, fair and just, cases such as the alleged sodomy involving Anwar would be dealt with judiciously and may not linger too long and be transformed into almost a national obsession to the point of distracting the people from other issues of national import.


We bear in mind that Abdullah Badawi, as prime minister and leader of BN, had acknowledged the fact that the people had expressed their desire for real reforms so as to ensure good governance, transparency and accountability. In turn, he also promised to listen intently to the people’s grouses and address them as efficiently as possible.


As a nation, we need to move on. And this really means that the reforms that were wished by the rakyat on March 8 should take shape as soon as possible, namely reforms in the judiciary, the police force and the media, and other kinds of institutional reforms that would help enhance and reinforce democracy.


The people are also tired of, and want solution to, the cancerous corruption that wreaks havoc to the country. This is apart from the growing incidents of crimes that worry many people.


Additionally, politicians and the government owe it to the rakyat, particularly those in the underclass and sections of the middle-income bracket, to come up with concrete measures that would help alleviate the economic hardship that they face as a result of the recent petrol price hike.


If the last general election is any guide, the rakyat would not forget and forgive politicians, especially those from the ruling party (or parties), if they turned their backs on the rakyat’s desire for, and dream of, a better Malaysia.




1 Response to “Don’t turn your back on rakyat’s dream”

  1. 1 Patricia 2 July 2008 at 10:15 am

    A truly thought provoking piece, Mustafa. I hope others get a chance to read this – and think.

    And you are right: we should not let the current sensational headlines cause us to lose focus on the other issues that are causing us so much pain. At the end of the day, I feel, this is all a political chess game. We can’t understand the moves, because we aren’t privy to the ‘real issues’ at stake.

    So it is true what you say, and it would do us all a world of good to stand back, and try to put it all in perspective before we start screaming and thumping our chests in anger.

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