Why the line between government and party functions must be made clear

Perak PKR chief Ismail Yusop gave an important reminder to supporters of the Perak MB Mohammad Nizar and the state executive councillors about the vital need to make the distinction ‘between government functions and political gatherings’.


In today’s Star, Ismail was quoted as saying that there had been occasions ‘when people were carrying party flags at government functions’. He was concerned that in such a situation civil servants would ‘feel out of place’.


But it’s more than that. Blurring the line would also mean unethical practices being committed by the political parties concerned especially when taxpayers’ money that is supposed to be spent on a government function is actually used for party purposes.


To be sure, costs for party activities should be borne by the political parties concerned, not the taxpayers. And this includes costs for transportation of party leaders and workers, the rental of halls, etc.


In other words, it would be an abuse of power and a misuse of public funds if party activities are camouflaged as government functions. And at the end of the day, it’s the rakyat who’d be the losers as the government is not using money prudently to improve their lives in various ways.




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