Will these MPs ever learn?


It seems that certain MPs just couldn’t get it after all these years – that is, they ought to be more sensitive to the feelings of certain people such as the disabled whenever they open their mouths in Parliament. To be sure, these MPs do not have the licence to behave in any way they like. There’s such a thing as decorum.


Thus, it is no surprise that MPs Bung Mokhtar Radin and Ibrahim Ali were mobbed by some 30 wheelchair-bound citizens who demanded that the two persons offer their unconditional apologies to them as well as MP Karpal Singh (who is also wheelchair-bound), to whom Ibrahim reportedly uttered discriminatory statements.


As it turned out, Ibrahim refused to comply with the demand of the angry crowd that he apologises to Karpal. As a result, the disabled people rejected Ibrahim’s earlier apology.


But what’s really revealing and outrageous was the statement that came from Bung Mokhtar himself, and I quote (from theSun): “It was never in my mind and heart to discredit or look down on the disabled. In my constituency, I take care of them and build houses for them, but I did not see Bukit Gelugor (Karpal) representing the disabled. As a disabled, he should act like one but his mouth is not like a disabled’s” (emphasis mine). 


What was Bung thinking, if at all he was? Surely, they (the disabled people) are humans, too — with feelings, needs, dreams like anyone else. 






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